Tradeka Cooperative is a modern ownership cooperative of over 200,000 members benefiting both its members and society at large. The Tradeka Cooperative is dedicated to advancing meaningful ownership and more humane market economy practices.
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Member Benefits

When you join up with Tradeka Cooperative and become a member, you immediately have valuable benefits at your disposal at hundreds of restaurants along with other Tradeka companies’ and partners’ locations and networks.
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Investment Shares

As a member of our cooperative, you can also opt to buy investment shares and benefit from your cooperative's business.
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Joining up is quick and easy!

Join up quick and easy with Oma Tradeka, Tradeka’s electronic member service. You only pay the 33.64 euro cooperative payment. This payment is fully refunded if you choose to resign your membership. When signing up, you need Finnish online banking credentials for identification.

Your physical membership card is sent to you about one month from signing up, but the cooperative benefits are at your disposal right away with the electronic membership card. You can activate the electronic membership card in the Restis app where the card is always with you wherever you go. You can also use the cooperative’s restaurant benefits by ordering and paying for your meals with Restis.

Who can become a member of our cooperative?

Any private individual over the age of 15 can join up as a member. Tradeka advocates and advances a more humane market economy and meaningful ownership. If you find our operations, our values, and our membership benefits interesting and engaging, welcome aboard!
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Tradeka aims to be a pioneer in responsible business

We at Tradeka want to be pioneers in responsible business. We expect Tradeka-owned companies to conduct their business in a responsible way, and we want our companies to be pioneers in their industry and in their chosen responsibility focus areas.
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Ownership matters

It matters a great deal who owns a business and how. As an owner, the Tradeka Cooperative can influence the development of economic life and society in Finland in many ways.