Various Annual Benefits

As a member of the Tradeka Cooperative, you are entitled to valuable benefits with Tradeka-owned companies and Tradeka partners around the year. 

You can make use of Tradeka’s annual and other benefits by showing your Tradeka membership card at restaurants and other places of business when making an order. The discount does not apply retroactively.

By signing into Oma Tradeka you can take your electronic membership card with you wherever you go. Your Tradeka membership benefits and your electronic membership card are also available to you in Restel’s Restis mobile app. 

Extra Benefits

The cooperative offers various annual benefits along with extra benefits that change each month. You can see all membership benefits at our Membership benefits page.

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Investment Shares of Tradeka

As a member of our cooperative, you can also opt to buy investment shares and benefit from your cooperative's business.
Tradekan verkkopalvelu puhelimen näytöllä

Using the Member Benefits

Your Tradeka membership card are available to you as a physical card but also as an electronic in Restel’s Restis mobile app and in Oma Tradeka member portal.
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Benefit restaurants

As a member of the Tradeka Cooperative, you are entitled to an annual benefit which is a 20% discount off of food and drink at all Restel restaurants, all throughout the year.
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Do you have any questions?

If you have questions about joining up, resigning your membership, or your cooperative payment, we are happy to take your call.