Responsibility Reporting at Tradeka

The responsibility report is an essential part of the annual reporting of Tradeka Group's operations.

The Global Compact is UN’s initiative for companies that adhere to corporate social responsibility. Tradeka committed to UN’s Global Compact in 2020.

Tradeka's responsibility reports have adapted the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting method so that the social responsibility metrics mostly correspond to the GRI metrics. Regarding the environment, the GRI metrics were not followed, but the focus is on the carbon footprint calculations.

The report covers the Tradeka Cooperative and the operations of Tradeka-sijoitus Oy, Restel Group, A-Katsastus Group Oy (A-Katsastus, Ajovarma) and Tradedot Group (Lehtipiste, Papua, and Paletti) that are fully owned by Tradeka-Yhtiöt. Part of the Tradeka Group, Tradecare (ONNI) prepares a standalone corporate responsibility report.