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Tradeka’s commitment to responsible investment

Responsible investment is Tradeka’s way to help shape the society at large and a significant part of Tradeka’s responsible business. Tradeka-sijoitus Oy, handling Tradeka’s investment activities, manages Tradeka’s investment assets, worth about 540 million euros in 2022 at the time of balancing the accounts.

Tradeka-sijoitus reduces its carbon risk

Tradeka-sijoitus started the work to analyze the carbon risk in spring 2020 by implementing the ESG reporting service offered by Suomen Sijoitustutkimuss. The calculation is based on data from MSCI ESG Research and the average carbon intensity, i.e. measured by tons of CO2 emissions per USD 1 million in sales.

The carbon intensity of listed equity and fixed income investments will be reduced by 50% from the 2020 level by 2027. The company's goal is a portfolio that supports the goal of achieving global net zero emissions in 2050.

Responsible practices comply with international standards

Tradeka-sijoitus applies environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) aspects to its ownership policies, investment analyses and investment decisions, in both direct investments and in its cooperation with asset managers. With its own ESG survey, Tradeka-sijoitus is able
to determine any responsibility aspects relevant in an asset manager’s investment analysis.
Asset managers are also expected to provide tangible examples on the impact of responsible investment principles on individual investment decisions, on both company and industry level.

Tradeka-sijoitus applies responsible practices that comply with international standards. The level of responsibility for each investment is analysed in connection with investment-related preparation, decision-making and follow-up. Corporate governance, dialogue with asset managers and other investors along with further advocacy also play a key role in Tradekasijoitus’ responsible investment operations.

Tradeka-sijoitus raises awareness on responsible investment by ensuring transparency of operations, sharing information on various forums and engaging in cooperation with other investors.

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Choosing not to invest is part of responsible conduct

In any investment activities, choosing not to invest is part of responsible conduct. Tradeka does not invest in countries included in EU’s ‘blacklist’ countries or other countries considered tax havens.

In addition, Tradeka excludes specific investment opportunities such as the controversial arms industry, porn industry, gambling, and small-loan companies

We report on the progress of our responsible investment activities

Tradeka Cooperative is committed to UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment. Tradeka prepares an annual PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) report of its responsible investment activities. Tradeka also requires that their asset managers consider responsibility aspects in their activities, in accordance with these UN principles.

PRI Report