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Organization and administration

Together with the CEO, the board of Tradeka Cooperative is responsible for the corporate governance of the cooperative’s subsidiary and associate companies and makes decisions on Tradeka’s investments related to cooperative’s membership benefits. In addition, the body makes decisions on Tradeka’s donations to non-profit purposes.

Tradeka’s board and CEO

Tradeka’s board and CEO are responsible for the corporate governance of the companies in the cooperative, investments in membership benefit activities, and Tradeka’s donations to non-profit activities.

Osuuskunta Tradekan toimitusjohtaja Perttu Puro.

Tradeka's CEO Perttu Puro.

Representative body

The Tradeka Cooperative’s representative body represents its highest executive body. Consisting of 75 members, the representative body assembles for a statutory meeting each year. Members elect the representative body for six years at a time.

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